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Blogging is an easy and effective way to bring new visitors to your website, and engage with the customers you already have. it's as simple as 1-2-3:

Start it
Brand it
Write it

Starting a blog

Find things first; your blog needs a home. Do you need a new blog website, or does your current website allow you to publish blog posts? Vistaprint's website builder offers a very simple way to post new content and images.


Branding your blog

This is easy if your online blog lives on your existing website. If you're starting a new site, make sure you use logos, colors, fonts, and images that match any other online marketing you've done so your audience easily connects with your blog.

Writing your blog

You're an expert on your industry and your business - write about what you know best! Not only can you write about the interesting everyday aspects of your business, you can share news and other topics that relate to your business that your audience would be interested in.


Top 4 reasons to start a blog

Search engine optimization
A blog is an easy way to add fresh content to your site, which makes search engines happy. It also helps your site rank in search results for all kinds of keywords you might not have elsewhere on your site.
Customer engagement
A blog can introduce customers to the humans behind your brand, and give visitors a behind-the-scenes look. They can also interact with you through comments and form a closer relationship.
Links from other sites
When you put quality, useful content out on the web, other people can find it and link back to it in their own work. This brings people from their site, and it signals to sites like Google that your site is important.
Social media resources
If you already have social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter, you know it can be hard to come up with enough things to post. Make your own blog and you'll have fresh content to share all the time.

Easily post blog content with Vistaprint's website builder

Finally, there’s a truly simple way to get a website you’ll be proud of.

Start with designer templates made for your industry, then easily add and arrange beautiful content blocks like menus, calendars, and photo galleries.

Customize colors and fonts everywhere with a single click for a professional site that matches your brand.

Vistaprint customers can even pull logos and images from past orders to create a cohesive look!

  • Easy-to-learn ‘building blocks’ tool
  • Logos & images from past print orders
  • Instant, automatic mobile website
  • Designer color sets & font pairings
  • Pre-made blocks that save time
  • Free custom domain with Standard or Premium website packages

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