The Best Homepages: 10 Examples to Inspire Your Website Design

According to research, the attention span of humans is shorter than that of a goldfish; 6-8 seconds to be precise. That means your website has to catch visitors’ attention right off the bat, and in order for that to happen, the homepage of your site has to be nothing short of spectacular.

Essentially, the homepage is the first thing people see on most websites, which is why it gets more traffic than any other web page. And while judging a website based on the design and usability of its homepage is probably not the best method to evaluate a company’s online footprint, it’s just what visitors do.

Examples of great website homepages

Now that you understand why the homepage is the most important part of your website, how do you ensure it stands out? Rather than treating it like any other web page, the homepage should include elements that increase visual appeal and educate visitors. Below, we share some of the best homepages and what makes them great to inspire your next website design.

1. charity: water

The homepage of this non-profit grabs people’s attention with a creative tagline, interactive web design, and use of high-quality visuals. The photography, in particular, evokes an emotional response from the visitor and encourages people to take action.

2. The Woodhouse Day Spa

The tropical imagery on this homepage evokes a feeling of relaxing and sets an expectation of your experience at The WoodHouse Day Spa. The copy is light and easy to read, which gets across the business offerings in a simple and understandable way.

3. Adidas

Adidas’ homepage is no-nonsense. Its products are the focal point and immediately draws the visitor’s eye to the photography. Bold typography works in conjunction with the flat background to help keep people’s attention to what they want to see: Adidas shoes.

4. M&M’s

M&M’s homepage features bright colors that provide a nice contrast to the characters and carefully chosen words on the page. The call to action “design your own M&Ms” is brilliant as it tells visitors that the company wants each customer to have a unique and personal experience with their products.

5. Ark’s Pet Grooming

Consumers want to know, “What is your business? How are you different? Why should I care?” Ark’s Pet Grooming answers all these questions while simultaneously listing its services and encouraging visitors to buy.

6. Anna Christine Events

An excellent use of layered imagery, a complementary color scheme, social sharing icons, and easy navigation all come together to make this website’s homepage appealing. There’s also social proof (testimonials) near the footer to build trust.

7. McDonald’s

The homepage of McDonald’s is a great example of how content and images can be organized into visual tiles. Big typography draped over high-quality images gives the page a visual hierarchy to guide visitors throughout the various sections of the homepage.

8. The Hop Yard

The Hop Yard homepage takes visitors along a visual and an educational journey about the company’s history and offerings. In addition, the mixture of unique graphics and witty content helps bring the brand personality to life.

9. Undercover Tourist

This homepage has a playful design that hints at the range of activities available from the business. Most impressive is that the homepage balances a lot of information in an aesthetically appealing way. The mention of savings also plays a big part in attracting and keeping visitors’ attention.

10. Plant Construction

A regular construction company isn’t the impression you get upon visiting Plant Construction’s homepage. The homepage utilizes lively imagery and bold typography to give off a welcoming and energetic vibe.

The common thread among the best homepages is simplicity. For most businesses, a great homepage design is about quality imagery, crisp content, and a logical hierarchy. We hope these 10 examples give you new ideas for designing a homepage for your small business. Get started with our small business website builder and see what you can come up with today!

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