Loyalty Cards

Turn any customer into a regular.

  • Standard business card size.
  • Punch & stamp card designs.
  • Rounded corners available.
  • Multiple paper type & thickness options.      



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Paper stock
Recycled matte
Paper weight
Standard (3.5" x 2")
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Encourage repeat business with loyalty punch cards and stamp cards.
You want long-term relationships with customers, and a little incentive can go a long way. With custom loyalty cards, you can reward repeat business with a special gift or discount – and people can keep your business name, logo and contact right in their wallet or purse. It’s a fun and savvy promotional piece that’s good for both customers and businesses.

Paper weight options
Shown below is a comparison of 100 business cards per stack.


A traditional 14pt paper with an uncoated back.


A sturdier 16pt paper weight with a silk-coated back.
Paper stock options
Stock options are available after you design your card.

Cartes de visites carrées papier mat


Matte varnish front and silk coated backside – best for colors and easy to write on.

Cartes de visites carrées papier glacé


Glossy front and silk-coated back– great for photos and colorful cards.
Cartes de visites carrées papier glacé lin


Unique woven texture – works best for designs with less ink coverage.
Cartes de visites carrées papier mat recyclé

Recycled Matte

100% post-consumer recycled paper – easy to write on, great for designs that use less ink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are loyalty cards for businesses a good investment?
 Well, we can’t guarantee anything, but many of our customers tell us they’ve seen more repeat business and increased customer loyalty. 

Q: Do loyalty punch cards or loyalty stamp cards increase sales?
 We’ll refer you to our answer above – we can’t promise anything, but more incentive to come back is never a bad thing!

Q: What types of loyalty programs could I use with these?
 There are lots of possibilities. Retail shops can offer a discount after a certain amount of purchases. Restaurants can give people a free item or entrée. And service providers can provide things like a free class or subscription.

Q: Are loyalty cards the same as official membership cards?
Our custom loyalty cards don’t have mag strip or scanning technology. So you can’t swipe or scan them, but they still work great as punch or stamp cards.

Q: Can you help me set up my loyalty program? 
Unfortunately, we can’t set up your loyalty program for you, but try to think about what your loyal customers like most, and what would make them feel special. 

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