Extra-sturdy A-frames for any weather and any season.
• Holds 2 inserts (24" x 36"), 1 on each side
• Waterproof, 4 mm corrugated plastic inserts 
• 18-lb. hard plastic frame won’t rust, splinter or chip
• Can also be filled with water or sand to increase stability

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Stand & 2 inserts
1 insert only
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Perfect for parking lots, sidewalks and high-traffic outdoor areas.

As a business owner, the last thing you need to worry about is whats in the forecast. With a Signicade® plastic sandwich board, you just set it and forget it in rain, snow or any other type of weather. The durable plastic frame wont rust or damage easily, and you can fill the frame water or sand to make it more wind-resistant. And since its 100% plastic (with no paint), normal wear and tear is barely noticeable. In the recessed sign area, corrugated plastic inserts feature fade-resistant printing that keeps your message looking sharp and bold.

For a popular indoor option, check out our metal A-frames. Theyve got a polished, professional look, with paper poster inserts. For a more classic look, check out our chalkboard signs.

Make your Signicade® stand out 
Use large fonts with contrasting colors to increase readability.
• If you're using arrows on your inserts, double check to make sure they'll face the right way in the frame.

Go with high-resolution images you can enlarge without visible blurring.
Put sand or water inside the frame to weigh it down (instructions included).

Using your sign
Inserts fit perfectly in recessed sign areas.
Tabs hold your graphics firmly in place, without damaging them.
You can remove your inserts just by sliding them up and out.

• Insert dimensions: 24" x 36" (W x H)
Frame dimensions: 25" x 45" x 3"  (W x H x D)
Weight of frame: 18 lbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get new inserts without buying the stand?
A: You sure can. Just select that option above!

: Can I get a new frame without buying new inserts?
A: You can do that, too. Just click right here.

Q: What are the inserts made of?
A: They’re made of corrugated plastic – the same material as our yard signs.

Q: How quickly can I get my Signicade® sign?
A: We have a 3 business day shipping option.

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